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Institute of Slavic Studies - Polish Academy of Sciences

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1. General part [Show]
1.1. General part. Problems of modern languages [Show]
1.1.1. General part. Problems of modern languages. Contrastive studies [Show]
1.1.2. General part. Problems of modern languages. Problems of translation [Show]
1.2. General part. Historical problems [Show]
1.3. General part. Regional problems [Show]
1.4. General part. Lexicology [Show]
1.4.1. General part. Lexicology. Contrastive studies [Show] General part. Lexicology. Contrastive studies. Bi- and multilingual dictionaries [Show] General part. Lexicology. Contrastive studies. Phraseology [Show]
1.5. General part. Onomastics [Show]
1.6. Varia [Show]
1.6.1. Bibliographies [Show]
1.6.2. Periodicals [Show]
1.6.3. Festschriften [Show]
1.6.4. Personalia [Show]
1.6.5. History of Slavic studies [Show]
1.6.6. Scientific activities [Show] Academies of sciences. Universities. Commitees. Societies [Show] Conferences. Congresses [Show]
2. Old Church Slavonic [Show]
2.1. Church Slavonic language [Show]
3. Bulgarian-Macedonian group [Show]
3.1. Bulgarian [Show]
3.1.1. Bulgarian. Modern literary language [Show] Bulgarian. Phonetics. Phonology [Show] Bulgarian. Morphology. Morphonology [Show] Bulgarian. Word-formation [Show] Bulgarian. Nominal formation [Show] Bulgarian. Verbal formation [Show] Bulgarian. Syntax [Show] Bulgarian. Word group [Show] Bulgarian. Simple sentence [Show] Bulgarian. Compound sentence [Show] Bulgarian. Text linguistics [Show] Bulgarian. Stylistics [Show] Bulgarian. Language of an author [Show]
3.1.2. Bulgarian. History of language [Show]
3.1.3. Bulgarian. Dialectology [Show]
3.1.4. Bulgarian. Sociolinguistics [Show]
3.1.5. Bulgarian. Semantics. Pragmatics [Show]
3.1.6. Bulgarian. Lexicology [Show] Bulgarian. History of lexicon [Show] Bulgarian. Dialectal lexicon [Show] Bulgarian. Terminology [Show] Bulgarian. Lexicography [Show] Bulgarian. Dictionaries [Show] Bulgarian. Phraseology [Show]
3.1.7. Bulgarian. Onomastics [Show] Bulgarian. Anthroponymy [Show] Bulgarian. Toponymy [Show]
3.1.8. Bulgarian. Psycholinguistics [Show]
3.1.9. Bulgarian. Ethnolinguistics [Show]
3.2. Macedonian [Show]
3.2.1. Macedonian. Modern literary language [Show] Macedonian. Phonetics. Phonology [Show] Macedonian. Morphology. Morphonology [Show] Macedonian. Word-formation [Show] Macedonian. Nominal formation [Show] Macedonian. Verbal formation [Show] Macedonian. Syntax [Show] Macedonian. Word group [Show] Macedonian. Simple sentence [Show] Macedonian. Compound sentence [Show] Macedonian. Text linguistics [Show] Macedonian. Stylistics [Show] Macedonian. Language of an author [Show]
3.2.2. Macedonian. History of language [Show]
3.2.3. Macedonian. Dialectology [Show]
3.2.4. Macedonian. Sociolinguistics [Show]
3.2.5. Macedonian. Semantics. Pragmatics [Show]
3.2.6. Macedonian. Lexicology [Show] Macedonian. History of lexicon [Show] Macedonian. Dialectal lexicon [Show] Macedonian. Terminology [Show] Macedonian. Lexicography [Show] Macedonian. Dictionaries [Show] Macedonian. Phraseology [Show]
3.2.7. Macedonian. Onomastics [Show] Macedonian. Anthroponymy [Show] Macedonian. Toponymy [Show]
3.2.8. Macedonian. Psycholinguistics [Show]
3.2.9. Macedonian. Ethnolinguistics [Show]
4. Serbo-Croatian group [Show]
4.1. Serbo-Croatian group. Modern literary language [Show]
4.1.1. Serbo-Croatian group. Phonetics. Phonology [Show]
4.1.2. Serbo-Croatian group. Morphology. Morphonology [Show]
4.1.3. Serbo-Croatian group. Word-formation [Show] Serbo-Croatian group. Nominal formation [Show] Serbo-Croatian group. Verbal formation [Show]
4.1.4. Serbo-Croatian group. Syntax [Show] Serbo-Croatian group. Word group [Show] Serbo-Croatian group. Simple sentence [Show] Serbo-Croatian group. Compound sentence [Show]
4.1.5. Serbo-Croatian group. Text linguistics [Show]
4.1.6. Serbo-Croatian group. Stylistics [Show]
4.1.7. Serbo-Croatian group. Language of an author [Show]
4.2. Serbo-Croatian group. History of language [Show]
4.3. Serbo-Croatian group. Dialectology [Show]
4.4. Serbo-Croatian group. Sociolinguistics [Show]
4.5. Serbo-Croatian group. Semantics. Pragmatics [Show]
4.6. Serbo-Croatian group. Lexicology [Show]
4.6.1. Serbo-Croatian group. History of lexicon [Show]
4.6.2. Serbo-Croatian group. Dialectal lexicon [Show]
4.6.3. Serbo-Croatian group. Terminology [Show]
4.6.4. Serbo-Croatian group. Lexicography [Show] Serbo-Croatian group. Dictionaries [Show]
4.6.5. Serbo-Croatian group. Phraseology [Show]
4.7. Serbo-Croatian group. Onomastics [Show]
4.7.1. Serbo-Croatian group. Anthroponymy [Show]
4.7.2. Serbo-Croatian group. Toponymy [Show]
4.8. Serbo-Croatian group. Psycholinguistics [Show]
4.9. Serbo-Croatian group. Ethnolinguistics [Show]
5. Slovenian. Text linguistics [Show]
5.1. Slovenian. Modern literary language [Show]
5.1.1. Slovenian. Phonetics. Phonology [Show]
5.1.2. Slovenian. Morphology. Morphonology [Show]
5.1.3. Slovenian. Word-formation [Show] Slovenian. Nominal formation [Show] Slovenian. Verbal formation [Show]
5.1.4. Slovenian. Syntax [Show] Slovenian. Word group [Show] Slovenian. Simple sentence [Show] Slovenian. Compound sentence [Show]
5.1.5. Slovenian. Text linguistics [Show]
5.1.6. Slovenian. Stylistics [Show]
5.1.7. Slovenian. Language of an author [Show]
5.2. Slovenian. History of language [Show]
5.3. Slovenian. Dialectology [Show]
5.4. Slovenian. Sociolinguistics [Show]
5.5. Slovenian. Semantics. Pragmatics [Show]
5.6. Slovenian. Lexicology [Show]
5.6.1. Slovenian. History of lexicon [Show]
5.6.2. Slovenian. Dialectal lexicon [Show]
5.6.3. Slovenian. Terminology [Show]
5.6.4. Slovenian. Lexicography [Show] Slovenian. Dictionaries [Show]
5.6.5. Slovenian. Phraseology [Show]
5.7. Slovenian. Onomastics [Show]
5.7.1. Slovenian. Anthroponymy [Show]
5.7.2. Slovenian. Toponymy [Show]
5.8. Slovenian. Psycholinguistics [Show]
5.9. Slovenian. Ethnolinguistics [Show]
6. Czech-Slovak group [Show]
6.1. Czech [Show]
6.1.1. Czech. Modern literary language [Show] Czech. Phonetics. Phonology [Show] Czech. Morphology. Morphonology [Show] Czech. Word-formation [Show] Czech. Nominal formation [Show] Czech. Verbal formation [Show] Czech. Syntax [Show] Czech. Word group [Show] Czech. Simple sentence [Show] Czech. Compound sentence [Show] Czech. Text linguistics [Show] Czech. Stylistics [Show] Czech. Language of an author [Show]
6.1.2. Czech. History of language [Show]
6.1.3. Czech. Dialectology [Show]
6.1.4. Czech. Sociolinguistics [Show]
6.1.5. Czech. Semantics. Pragmatics [Show]
6.1.6. Czech. Lexicology [Show] Czech. History of lexicon [Show] Czech. Dialectal lexicon [Show] Czech. Terminology [Show] Czech. Lexicography [Show] Czech. Dictionaries [Show] Czech. Phraseology [Show]
6.1.7. Czech. Onomastics [Show] Czech. Anthroponymy [Show] Czech. Toponymy [Show]
6.1.8. Czech. Psycholinguistics [Show]
6.1.9. Czech. Ethnolinguistics [Show]
6.2. Slovak [Show]
6.2.1. Slovak. Modern literary language [Show] Slovak. Phonetics. Phonology [Show] Slovak. Morphology. Morphonology [Show] Slovak. Word-formation [Show] Slovak. Nominal formation [Show] Slovak. Verbal formation [Show] Slovak. Syntax [Show] Slovak. Word group [Show] Slovak. Simple sentence [Show] Slovak. Compound sentence [Show] Slovak. Text linguistics [Show] Slovak. Stylistics [Show] Slovak. Language of an author [Show]
6.2.2. Slovak. History of language [Show]
6.2.3. Slovak. Dialectology [Show]
6.2.4. Slovak. Sociolinguistics [Show]
6.2.5. Slovak. Semantics. Pragmatics [Show]
6.2.6. Slovak. Lexicology [Show] Slovak. History of lexicon [Show] Slovak. Dialectal lexicon [Show] Slovak. Terminology [Show] Slovak. Lexicography [Show] Slovak. Dictionaries [Show] Slovak. Phraseology [Show]
6.2.7. Slovak. Onomastics [Show] Slovak. Anthroponymy [Show] Slovak. Toponymy [Show]
6.2.8. Slovak. Psycholinguistics [Show]
6.2.9. Slovak. Ethnolinguistics [Show]
7. Sorb Group [Show]
7.1. Sorb Group. Modern literary language [Show]
7.1.1. Sorb Group. Phonetics. Phonology [Show]
7.1.2. Sorb Group. Morphology. Morphonology [Show]
7.1.3. Sorb Group. Word-formation [Show] Sorb Group. Nominal formation [Show] Sorb Group. Verbal formation [Show]
7.1.4. Sorb Group. Syntax [Show] Sorb Group. Word group [Show] Sorb Group. Simple sentence [Show] Sorb Group. Compound sentence [Show]
7.1.5. Sorb Group. Text linguistics [Show]
7.1.6. Sorb Group. Stylistics [Show]
7.1.7. Sorb Group. Language of an author [Show]
7.2. Sorb Group. History of language [Show]
7.3. Sorb Group. Dialectology [Show]
7.4. Sorb Group. Sociolinguistics [Show]
7.5. Sorb Group. Semantics. Pragmatics [Show]
7.6. Sorb Group. Lexicology [Show]
7.6.1. Sorb Group. History of lexicon [Show]
7.6.2. Sorb Group. Dialectal lexicon [Show]
7.6.3. Sorb Group. Terminology [Show]
7.6.4. Sorb Group. Lexicography [Show] Sorb Group. Dictionaries [Show]
7.6.5. Sorb Group. Phraseology [Show]
7.7. Sorb Group. Onomastics [Show]
7.7.1. Sorb Group. Anthroponymy [Show]
7.7.2. Sorb Group. Toponymy [Show]
7.8. Sorb Group. Psycholinguistics [Show]
7.9. Sorb Group. Ethnolinguistics [Show]
8. Lech group [Show]
8.1. Polabian [Show]
8.2. Polish [Show]
8.2.1. Polish. Modern literary language [Show] Polish. Phonetics. Phonology [Show] Polish. Morphology. Morphonology [Show] Polish. Word-formation [Show] Polish. Nominal formation [Show] Polish. Verbal formation [Show] Polish. Syntax [Show] Polish. Word group [Show] Polish. Simple sentence [Show] Polish. Compound sentence [Show] Polish. Text linguistics [Show] Polish. Stylistics [Show] Polish. Language of an author [Show]
8.2.2. Polish. History of language [Show]
8.2.3. Polish. Dialectology [Show]
8.2.4. Polish. Sociolinguistics [Show]
8.2.5. Polish. Semantics. Pragmatics [Show]
8.2.6. Polish. Lexicology [Show] Polish. History of lexicon [Show] Polish. Dialectal lexicon [Show] Polish. Terminology [Show] Polish. Lexicography [Show] Polish. Dictionaries [Show] Polish. Phraseology [Show]
8.2.7. Polish. Onomastics [Show] Polish. Anthroponymy [Show] Polish. Toponymy [Show]
8.2.8. Polish. Psycholinguistics [Show]
8.2.9. Polish. Ethnolinguistics [Show]
8.3. Kashubian [Show]
9. Russian group [Show]
9.1. Old Russian [Show]
9.2. Russian [Show]
9.2.1. Russian. Modern literary language [Show] Russian. Phonetics. Phonology [Show] Russian. Morphology. Morphonology [Show] Russian. Word-formation [Show] Russian. Nominal formation [Show] Russian. Verbal formation [Show] Russian. Syntax [Show] Russian. Word group [Show] Russian. Simple sentence [Show] Russian. Compound sentence [Show] Russian. Text linguistics [Show] Russian. Stylistics [Show] Russian. Language of an author [Show]
9.2.2. Russian. History of language [Show]
9.2.3. Russian. Dialectology [Show]
9.2.4. Russian. Sociolinguistics [Show]
9.2.5. Russian. Semantics. Pragmatics [Show]
9.2.6. Russian. Lexicology [Show] Russian. History of lexicon [Show] Russian. Dialectal lexicon [Show] Russian. Terminology [Show] Russian. Lexicography [Show] Russian. Dictionaries [Show] Russian. Phraseology [Show]
9.2.7. Russian. Onomastics [Show] Russian. Anthroponymy [Show] Russian. Toponymy [Show]
9.2.8. Russian. Psycholinguistics [Show]
9.2.9. Russian. Ethnolinguistics [Show]
9.3. Belorussian [Show]
9.3.1. Belorussian. Modern literary language [Show] Belorussian. Phonetics. Phonology [Show] Belorussian. Morphology. Morphonology [Show] Belorussian. Word-formation [Show] Belorussian. Nominal formation [Show] Belorussian. Verbal formation [Show] Belorussian. Syntax [Show] Belorussian. Word group [Show] Belorussian. Simple sentence [Show] Belorussian. Compound sentence [Show] Belorussian. Text linguistics [Show] Belorussian. Stylistics [Show] Belorussian. Language of an author [Show]
9.3.2. Belorussian. History of language [Show]
9.3.3. Belorussian. Dialectology [Show]
9.3.4. Belorussian. Sociolinguistics [Show]
9.3.5. Belorussian. Semantics. Pragmatics [Show]
9.3.6. Belorussian. Lexicology [Show] Belorussian. History of lexicon [Show] Belorussian. Dialectal lexicon [Show] Belorussian. Terminology [Show] Belorussian. Lexicography [Show] Belorussian. Dictionaries [Show] Belorussian. Phraseology [Show]
9.3.7. Belorussian. Onomastics [Show] Belorussian. Anthroponymy [Show] Belorussian. Toponymy [Show]
9.3.8. Belorussian. Psycholinguistics [Show]
9.3.9. Belorussian. Ethnolinguistics [Show]
9.4. Ukrainian [Show]
9.4.1. Ukrainian. Modern literary language [Show] Ukrainian. Phonetics. Phonology [Show] Ukrainian. Morphology. Morphonology [Show] Ukrainian. Word-formation [Show] Ukrainian. Nominal formation [Show] Ukrainian. Verbal formation [Show] Ukrainian. Syntax [Show] Ukrainian. Word group [Show] Ukrainian. Simple sentence [Show] Ukrainian. Compound sentence [Show] Ukrainian. Text linguistics [Show] Ukrainian. Stylistics [Show] Ukrainian. Language of an author [Show]
9.4.2. Ukrainian. History of language [Show]
9.4.3. Ukrainian. Dialectology [Show]
9.4.4. Ukrainian. Sociolinguistics [Show]
9.4.5. Ukrainian. Semantics. Pragmatics [Show]
9.4.6. Ukrainian. Lexicology [Show] Ukrainian. History of lexicon [Show] Ukrainian. Dialectal lexicon [Show] Ukrainian. Terminology [Show] Ukrainian. Lexicography [Show] Ukrainian. Dictionaries [Show] Ukrainian. Phraseology [Show]
9.4.7. Ukrainian. Onomastics [Show] Ukrainian. Anthroponymy [Show] Ukrainian. Toponymy [Show]
9.4.8. Ukrainian. Psycholinguistics [Show]
9.4.9. Ukrainian. Ethnolinguistics [Show]
9.5. Lemko language [Show]
9.6. Rusyn language [Show]
10. Slavic – non-slavic part [Show]
10.1. Slavic influence on other languages [Show]
10.2. Other languages influence on Slavic languages [Show]
10.3. Slavic – non-slavic contrastive studies [Show]
11. Non-linguistic publications [Show]