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Institute of Slavic Studies - Polish Academy of Sciences

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Bibliographic database of world Slavic Linguistics publications

Search features

  • Indexes – allow you to browse documents listed alphabetically by the following fields: persons (authors, editors, etc.), document titles, editorial series, keywords, and classification. You can do a field search by typing the first few letters (characters) in a search box.
  • Simple search - allows you to search by sets of words from the following fields: title, persons, keywords, abstract, and from all of those fields together. You can mask search words by using the character * (asterisk) and combine them into phrases using Boolean operators: AND, OR, NOT. To search for similar expressions you can use the operator ~ (tilde).
  • Advanced search - allows you to search the database using words from different fields and narrow the search to the document type and its language. In this feature, you can also mask search words and use Boolean operators.
  • You also can save selected documents in the so-called basket and print them out.