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Title: Czech and Russian aspect in the historical present
Author/editor: Anna Stunová
Published in: Dutch Contributions to the Eleventh International Congress of Slavists : Bratislava, August 30- September 9, 1993 .- Amsterdam ; Atlanta, 1994 [Show]
Pages: 407-431
Languages: eng
Author headings:
au. Stunová, Anna [Show]
Keywords: analiza kontrastywna, aspekt, czasownik, imperfective past tense, imperfective present form, język czeski, język rosyjski, język współczesny, narracja, perfective past form, perfective present form, praesens historicum, tense
1.1.1. General part. Problems of modern languages. Contrastive studies [Show] Czech. Morphology. Morphonology [Show] Czech. Syntax [Show] Russian. Morphology. Morphonology [Show] Russian. Syntax [Show]