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Title: A Geography of Case Semantics : the Czech Dative and the Russian Instrumental
Author/editor: Laura A. Janda
Publication place: Berlin ; New York
Publisher: Mouton de Gruyter
Year: 1993
Cognitive Linguistics Research ; 4 [Show]
Pages: XIII, 225 s.
Languages: eng
Author headings:
au. Janda, Laura A. [Show]
Keywords: Dative, Instrument, język czeski, język rosyjski, rola semantyczna argumentu
1.1.1. General part. Problems of modern languages. Contrastive studies [Show]
6.1.5. Czech. Semantics. Pragmatics [Show]
9.2.5. Russian. Semantics. Pragmatics [Show] Czech. Syntax [Show] Russian. Syntax [Show]
Inbound references:
Recenzja: LJAŠEVSKAJA Ol'ga Nikolaevna .- "Вопросы языкознания : теоретический журнал по общему и сравнительному языкознанию" 1998 [Show]