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Title: Proceedings of LP'98 .- 1 : Item Order in Language and Speech
Author/editor: ed. by Osamu Fujimura, Brian D. Joseph, Bohumil Palek
Publication place: Prague
Publisher: "Karolinum"
Year: 1999
Pages: 330 s.
Languages: eng
Author headings:
rd. Fujimura, Osamu [Show]
rd. Joseph, Brian D. [Show]
rd. Palek, Bohumil [Show]
Keywords: 1998 r., Columbus, Ohio, fonetyka 2 (dyscyplina), językoznawstwo, "Linguistics and Phonetics", materiały konferencyjne
Classification: Conferences. Congresses [Show]
1.1. General part. Problems of modern languages [Show]
10. Slavic – non-slavic part [Show]
KOCHETOV Alexei: Acue-based analysis of the distribution of palatalized stops in Russian .- Prague, 1999 [Show]
GODJEVAC Svetlana: Declarative utterance-final position in Serbo-Croatian .- Prague, 1999 [Show]