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Title: Accentuation of the prefixed c-presents in Common Slavic
Author/editor: Zbigniew Babik
Published in: Studia z Filologii Polskiej i Słowiańskiej [Show]
Journal issue: 2001 37
Pages: 163-175
Note: Streszcz.: pol
Languages: eng
Abstract: The paper deals with the issue of accentuation of simple and prefixed present verbs in Common Slavonic. The three cases of discrepancy are considered: asyllabic stem with oxytonesis in the first person singular while the other persons have the neoacute on the prefix (in simple verbs neoacute is on the yer); the forms with prefix vy- present immobile acute on this prefix regardless of simple forms accentuation. However, the third and the most interesting case is the accentual alternation for -i- verbs when first person singular shows recessive accentuation - cyrkumflex in the initial syllable of simple and prefixed verbs. This case cannot be explained by current accentual theories, despite that it might be interpreted as a shift of stress from the final syllable to the syllable containing -i- which bears the cyrkumflex. (PK)
Author headings:
au. Babik, Zbigniew [Show]
Keywords: akcentuacja, alternacja, czas teraźniejszy, czasownik, język prasłowiański, prefiksacja
1.2. General part. Historical problems [Show]